Backseat Organizer by Growing Sunshine


Backseat organizer by Growing Sunshine

My kids are excited to have somewhere to store their treasures in the 3rd row of my SUV. I don’t let them leave things in the car so I don’t have pictures of it full, but my bigger kids have had no complaints! They put their small stuffed animals in there on their way to grandmas, or their coloring pads. Installation was very easy, you just clip it around and then hook the hooks through the seat bight. (It doesn’t interfere with my car seat.) I like how that stabilizes it for my kids to get their things in and out, no flapping around! I only wish my car had adjustable headrests in the front so all my kids could have one for their stuff. I wouldn’t put anything in there that might be a projectile in a crash. We just bought this SUV used and haven’t detailed it yet, don’t mind the dirty seats in the pictures!




Lenny Lamb SSC Gen1 vs Gen2



I have seen a lot of people on babywearing groups asking if Lenny Lamb carriers for sale on the swaps are gen1 or I thought I would take a few quick pictures with my unwilling toddler to show the difference. I have one toddler in each version. My son is 28lbs, and in 2T shirts and 18m pants most of the time.

Here is the 1st gen laying on top of the 2nd gen, they are the same. The different seat darts on gen two gives a deeper seat but the panels are still the same size. The comfort was the same for me, he did feel a little more snug to my body in the gen1, but both felt great!




Protect Your Babywearing Investment with These! Laundry Bag Set.

I no longer need to go steal a pillowcase from one of the kids’ beds to wash a baby carrier! woohoo!

These laundry bags are PERFECT for protecting your stash in the wash! Right now these are $9.99 on amazon.  The bags have a little elastic piece that you can tuck the end of the zipper in to protect anything else you have in the wash, reduce laundry noise, and make sure the bags stay closed. The two large bags that come with the set are perfect size (19.5″x23.5″) for a woven wrap (the one shown is a Natibaby size 5), and a soft structured carrier like my Tula shown. I don’t dry my SSC so I hang to dry, but I do remove the wrap the dry alone in the dryer for a bit.


The three smaller bags are the perfect size (15.5″x15.5″) to wash your accessories! I am able to wash them separate, but I recommend tossing in a color catcher if your are going to wash more than one set, especially if they haven’t been washed before.



I feel like the black bags are a tiny big softer and smoother so I use those if I only need one bag. Here is my toddler Tula in the large black bag.


The set comes with a small lingerie bag (not shown) that I am saving for that purpose but it would fit a pair of toddler shoes no problem.



Teethy Fruits Teethers by Baby Grips

I love how cute these are! My teething 1 year old took right to them! He is getting his last two canine incisors and he has not been having the best time with that! They wash up perfectly in the dishwasher, which is good because they attract lint a bit. I put one in the freezer but then my son thought it was a Popsicle so that might be best for younger babies! The little guy I babysit liked them but I couldn’t get him to use it for a picture..boys will be boys! I really do recommend these, if they can hold up to my super chomper they are excellent quality! In the video my friends son Elijah is the co star 😉



Coolwoo Kids Backpack

Cruz is obsessed with his Coolwoo Kids Backpack. He loves to put his “dog” on and run around the house. The fabric is really cool! It’s made of neoprene like divers wear! Its durable and soft as well as water resistant. It weighs about 7oz and is 12x11x5 inches, so it’s perfect for him to tote his goodies and I can toss his diapers and wipes in there when we go out! They have a very cute line up of friendly looking buddies for your child to chose from.


It has two bottle pockets on the side, a smaller zip pocket on the front, and a smaller pocket that doesn’t close inside. That is where I put his diapers and wipes when I’m feeling organized. The part of the bag that rests on your child’s back is a breathable mesh and so far has not snagged on anything! I’m hoping to add a Tiger to his backpack stash soon!

IMG_4025 IMG_4027



Soda Cake!


I was browsing Facebook the other day and came across a meme with thousands of comments. It was saying you can make a cake with just a boxed cake mix, and a can of soda. So me being in an extremely lazy mood, and a couple kids who had just asked me to make a cake, but I used the “no eggs” excuse….I decided to check it out! Acording to the comments I looked over you could just grab a cake mix, stir in a can of soda, and bake at 350 degrees F, for 35 minutes. I also tried

My first try:

20150902_182535 - Copy

Pink Velvet Vanilla boxed cake mix, and a Fresca Peach Citrus soda.

20150902_182637 20150902_182731 - Copy

When you pour it together it is fizzy. Really fun for the kids!

20150902_182910 - Copy

Preheated the Oven to 350*F, I coat the 9×13 pan with my coconut oil Pam because I like an easy clean up.

20150902_183634 20150902_183326

Pour it into the 9×13 and pop it in the preheated oven!

20150902_183036 20150902_183240 - Copy

Finally! Cake batter you can let your kids lick w/out worrying about the horrible death your mom and home economics teacher warned you about.

20150902_191327 - Copy

35 minutes was perfect!! The consistency of this combo was in between regular cake and angel food cake. The kids loved it! It was moist enough no frosting was needed, I didn’t have time anyway it was gone in 30 minutes. The flavor was like pink lemon-aid to me, with peachy undertones.



Also works with Gluten Free Cake mix! It just comes out more like a biscuit in texture, it was yummy!

Zeus Has Parvo :(

My poor puppy has Parvo. Just when he was looking really healthy, he crashed. He got his parvo shot the day after he started feeling sick, unfortunately two weeks ago he was too weak to receive it then. Today to give him his best chance at making it I went to the veterinary blood bank and purchased 1 unit of plasma ($100!), and took him to the vet for the 3rd time in 24 hours.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes but the vet (who is amazing btw) got the needed amount in and we go back tomorrow for more. He’s sleeping in his crate and it’s just killing me how much pain he is in. Zeus is my baby and I hate that it’s not guaranteed he will be ok in the morning.

McLintech 5 In 1 Tire Pressure Gauge – Safety Hammer, Flashlight, Seatbelt Cutter, Red Safety Light and Tire Pressure Gauge


As a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician I have been wanting one of these for a long time. The tire gauge part I use on my stroller since my husband prefers to use a standard one on our cars, but the rest of the features are perfect for an emergency. The glass breaker stores inside so if your kid grabs it they are not going to break your windshield in seconds before you can get to them. The seat-belt cutter is great for if you need to get out and have a jammed belt, also it is best to remove your kids inside their car-seats if possible to minimize spine and neck movement after an accident. If you have a jammed belt, or you need to be fast you can just cut right through them! Obviously the flashlight and red LED light are great for night-time emergencies, changing a tire, and finding your cell phone that went under the front seat..not because you dropped it while driving of course!! I am very happy with this product!



Silicone Counter Cap Covers for Your Stove


I know these are not the most glamorous to talk about, but these are AMAZING!!!! Apparently I am a sloppy cooker, and with in a few weeks of a new stove at our first home I had the hamburger equivalent of a dust bunny. My poor husband had to repetitively pull the stove out and chisel food off the side. Now that we are new homeowners, I slapped these bad boys on ASAP and haven’t looked back! They stay put, they have moved maybe 1cm while I’m scrubbing them clean after yet another hail storm of hamburger that only I can create. (I really should have taken spatula handling classes). They can be tossed in the dishwasher top rack in my experience. I have marble counter tops and a black stove and I think they look amazing together. My husband hates them apparently, but when I reminded him of the work it was to clean our last stove..he is on board! He hasn’t mentioned them in weeks, so I think they grew on him!



Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

I have been using this Mo+m Classic Baby Carrier almost daily. I am very active in the baby wearing “world”, this carrier definitely deserves a look if you are looking into a carrier that is budget friendly and has the mesh option! My son is 20months old now and 26lbs as of his appointment 2 days ago. The seat of this baby carrier is not much larger than his diaper area so he is not knee to knee like it is recommended in children ages 2 and under. This is easily remedied by tying a scarf or large muslin blanket rolled up to support the legs to keep the pressure off their bottom/hips. This carrier is NOT a so called “crotch dangler” it is just not a toddler carrier, but can be used long into toddler-hood as long as you both are comfortable, and use the scarf trick if baby seems uncomfortable or has hip problems.





I find the buckles to be easy to use, the straps are quite cushy and comfortable, if you have the straps or waist wrong your back will let you know after a few minutes, so be willing to do some adjustments before you throw in the towel if you are new to babywearing. The pocket is nice to have to keep my cell phone in. I LOVE that the hood is a soft cotton, it supports my sons head wonderfully while he is asleep or nursing. Nursing is very easy in this carrier, I just loosen the arm straps a bit so I can get into my shirt to give him access. The safety on the waist buckle is a very nice feature to have, my daughter loves to “help me” by unbuckling my waist buckle when I ask my toddler if hes ready to come out, this solves that problem. I am very excited about the mesh option! I love that the zip off panel just folds down into a waist pocket so you cant lose it or leave it at home.

I should have got his knees higher.

I have washed this carrier and it comes out looking brand new! This is great because it is the carrier I keep in my kitchen for when my toddler needs cuddles, but I don’t want to cook in my other carriers. The only thing I would want to change about this carrier is that it had an adjustable seat to make it accommodate a toddler more comfortably, or that they made it in a toddler size separate!  But because I am reviewing this carrier and not doing a comparison of other carriers I am giving this baby carrier 5 out of 5 stars because it is a great budget baby carrier, It’s sturdy, it has a mesh panel, and my son really enjoys it. I did however include a photo to show the size compared to a standard Tula Baby Carrier, the Tula has nice seat darts so the seat actually is bigger than it appears when laid flat.

Hip carry while cooking dinner