Land of the Wee, Deer Family Collection, Organic Bamboo Baby to Toddler Hooded Towel & Washcloth Gift Set

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Amazing, seriously this Organic Bamboo Baby to Toddler Hooded Towel & Washcloth Gift Set is so worth it! The pattern is adorable, the attention to detail is apparent. The box it comes in is perfect for gift giving. I ended up giving it to my son for his birthday so he could have something extra to open at his party. Everyone loved it and it was passed around to be cuddled with because it was so soft! I followed the instructions and washed it before use, and it got even softer! The wash cloth  is huge and it has the fold over like the hood so my son ended up wearing it on his head in the tub. The towel quickly became his favorite and he gets it out every time he takes a bath. My only complaint is that the pattern on the hood is upside down when worn, but honestly that’s trivial and does not take away from the amazing-ness of this set. The towel is huge and perfect for my 2-year-old toddler, and would have also been amazing when he was a newborn because of the softness. I will be buying these as gifts in the future, everyone should have this huge fluffy toddler/baby towel for their little one.

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He loves it so much he wore it over his jammies for about an hour!

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IB Baby Cam Baby Monitor

I gave this Wifi Video Baby Monitor and Nanny Cam for use with PC, iOS and Android three stars because “It’s Ok”, it’s definitely not amazing as sad as I am to say it. The android app is awful. You can pay almost $5 for one or there are a few free ones. I tried the free on that was in English, it crashed as soon as I could get the camera synced. After the app crashes, the camera disconnects and you have to start all over. It was literally 2-3 hours of me trying to get it properly connected and it wasn’t happening. I then decided to try the app on my iPad, that one worked, and it was free. Now to the actual camera, its only “OK” in the daytime and it’s really not great for night vision. It makes it look like the room is blanketed in fog, and it can only “see” about 2-3 feet. I like the temperature setting, I am not sure how accurate it is, but it seems close w/in a couple degrees. The video record doesn’t include sound. You can talk to your child though the monitor but it’s really quiet and has an echo sometimes. The lullaby feature is really the best part of the monitor if your baby likes it.

Night Vision
Night Vision
Day Vision
Day Vision















Happy 2nd Birthday Cruz!!

Cruz turned 2 in January, but we finally got around to his party. I thought I would share some pictures of his special day!

20160220_094324 20160220_094828

Before the party he insisted on his superman cape and Santa hat, luckily I was able to lure him into a different outfit with a bath!

We had a Micky Mouse party, he is Micky obsessed right now. He is my first child to love Micky Mouse so I haven’t gone too insane yet from the theme song.



His smash cake was delicious, I never eat cake unless it is really good, so I was glad he let me eat a corner of it! I was told his regular cake was really great too, but his smash cake had whipped cream frosting and that’s where it’s at for me haha. He had a great day even though only one family with kids came, that’s when us already having 5 kids in the family is really handy!


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Phil&Teds Dot (2015)

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I have been a fan of the Phil&Teds brand since I first saw one roll into my check out line when I was a cashier at Target back in 2006. I loved how they had the younger baby sleeping in the newborn position with the toddler on top in the doubles kit…no strangers could easily get at the baby! The next time I saw one it was being used in normal two toddler mode with the doubles kit on the back, blown away again!  The tiny footprint just can’t be beat if you like the three wheel stroller look.


Since that time I have owned quite a few of the models and loved different things about each one, but because I am a churner nothing has lasted that long as I need to sell my current ride to try a new one. Well now that it’s been over 10 years of loving Phil&Teds I find myself here again, with a new stroller in my living room. I just had the Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller with Doubles Kit in grey and I LOVED it, but with my luck the break line snapped the third time I took it out of my car so I returned it because even though P&T has AMAZING customer service (Shout out to Megan!) I was having some trouble with the doubles kit attachment and thought the Phil&Teds 2015 Dot Inline Stroller with Second Seat, Graphite might be a better fit, only because it has never flat tires.


The Phil&Teds Dot is adorable, it comes standard with padded grey seat liners. My kids are cray cray so I added some cheap $5 liners I got from eBay in China that I altered slightly with scissors to make the harness lay better. These liners are usually $5 with shipping or less, so I really don’t have much to lose if my kids shred them. Here is one listing for them that is currently live.


I was between the Dot and the Dash, the Dash looks amazing, you can fold it with two seats on it, you can attach the second seat parent facing on the frame with the main seat off…really it seems really cool, but I felt the lower price of the Dot was better for me since we really don’t use the stroller often.


My current two riders are 5 and about 40lbs, and 2 and 38lbs (he is 35 1/8″ tall). My 5 year old loves the top seat and promptly asked to go on a walk, and my 2 year old seems pretty excited about the lower seat, I think he remembers the Nav because he jumped right in. When using the stroller as a double, the basket space is pretty much unusable, so I grabbed a Skip Hop Saddle bag and its Perfect! I have all the accessories for the stroller in there, and I have room for whatever else I could need. It also appears to be insulated!

I also made sure to get my Choopie city grips on the handle bar to keep it safe and clean, and the  choopie hooks to carry my shopping bags! I have their seat liner and parent console, but I am using those elsewhere. I will update my post after I get some really good use out of it! But for now, I am very excited!


Having a Baby? What to Bring to The Hospital for YOU.

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I have had 4 c-sections, so that means extra long hospital stays. Here are a few of the key things I brought along (or should have remembered) to make the stay a bit more comfortable!:

  • The perfect bag! For me it was the Ju-Ju-Be SuperBe most recently, and the BePrepared the two kids before that. Antimicrobial fabrics and machine washable…perfect for nasty hospital room floors when your birthing buddy drops it on the ground and a nurse ends up moving under a table in the corner..gross. All my stuff fit in there and I had room for all the stuff they send home with you! (read $10 box of tissues, & $40 pack of 16 count Huggies charged to your insurance).

  • Your favorite pillow(optional) and blanket(needed!). Hospital beds suck. The blankets are scratchy, the pillows go flat and are plasticy sounding. I brought my favorite soft throw and the pillow off my bed. It was amazing during the contractions to cuddle up in my blanket while cursing the anesthesiologist for not giving you the epidural until after you sign the papers. After pushing for 3 hours without medication and being told you are probably having a c-section, paper work is the last thing you want to do. Recovery after said c-section was much cozier and comforting with my own bedding. I brought something like THIS.9838_10202884067323421_1897279906_n


  • Toiletries. Bring your tooth-brush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and shampoo and conditioner. The toothpaste they give you tastes like minty socks, the tooth-brush was stiff enough to clean rust off my sons bike, and they only had this shampoo made from aloe that made my hair look like a troll. (I’m sensitive to aloe so the dandruff that ensued was disgusting, but after having a baby..a shower is needed lol).


  • Chapstick and Make-up. Hospital air is SO DRY. You will have chapped lips by the second day if you are not prepared. If you wear make-up it’s really nice to have for those after baby pictures. I always look like I was hit by a truck after having a baby, but the make-up really does help put a dent in that, and I feel better. My hospital does newborn pictures and throw you in there, I hadn’t done my make-up one time and I’m still upset 5 years later haha.


  • A belly binder! I swear by these things! I have only had C-sections, but I have heard these are great for vaginal deliveries too as everything is shifting back into place so support feels great. In my case with a c-section I couldn’t roll over, or sit up with out pushing a pillow to my tummy. I found out about a post surgical compression binder during my second pregnancy so I got one just in case. I have used it after my last 3 kids and make all my friends get them too! You can ask your nurse for one after delivery, but the one I bought on my own like the one I’m linking below was so much nicer. I went by my size at about 6 months pregnant to pick a size for my binder and it was able to tighten all the way down. It also helps with the uterus-about-to-fall-out-of-my-body feeling when you are hobbling to the rest room. Don’t even get me started on that first will want to keep this on..

  • Comfy Clothes with a soft waist. I gave up trying to bring jeans a few kids ago. I don’t care how skinny you are after delivery, that tummy is tender especially if you had a c-section! I brought pajama pants and shirts I could breastfeed in for my hospital stay, and a regular t-shirt for the ride home. I also brought slippers, and comfy socks with grips on the bottom. A soft cozy bathrobe is also advisable.


  •  CAMERA AND BATTERIES!!! CHARGED BATTERIES!!!!!!!! THIS IS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I FORGOT TO CHARGE THE BATTERIES AND I HAD TO MAKE A NURSE GO FIND ME SOME BEFORE MY DOCTOR COULD REMOVE MY CHILD FROM MY BODY! Ok, did you get that? Seriously, bring a few packs of Duracell batteries, and even a pack of rechargeable with the charger, you wont regret having too many batteries along!

  • Last but not least, Cell phone chargers!!! Texting everyone baby pics, is one of my favorite things haha



Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks & Corner Protectors, No Tools Needed- Kiddos Plus

This set comes with enough parts to do 4 cabinet doors or drawers, and one coffee table or 4 corners on a counter. It comes with instructions that I had to read a couple times to fully understand what was going on. I didn’t have a pencil handy to draw marks like they said to do so I had to do it by trial and error and lots of eyeballing! I had it all on perfect, but unfortunately these do not work on a lazy-susan corner cabinet so one set I had to take off because of the way it closed. This set doesn’t come with and extra adhesive so I would suggest having some double sided permanent tape in case you need to adjust one. My husband didn’t like that I put these on my under the sink cabinet, so luckily these have a switch you click up or down and it doesn’t latch anymore. (He preferred the over the knob lock.) I am glad it comes with a magnetized disk to store the “key” up away from kids, I should have put mine further back since my kids already found it, but I ran out of extra adhesive so I can’t move it right now. The corner guards looks great, but right now my little guy is not tall enough to need them, so I am saving them for once he starts hitting his head on stuff! Overall I like the set, but if you have a large kitchen or lots of cabinets don’t forget to order extra packs! #KiddosPlusSafetyLocks


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Baby Teething Necklace for Mom, Silicone Chew Beads, BPA Free-

This necklace from ItyBity is adorable, and feels durable. It comes in three colors and I recieved the mint/grey combo. The length is perfect to attract your babies attention, but won’t be able to get them tangled in it. The colors look good with many other colors since they are neutral. The breakaway clasp is not so loose that it falls off easy, but it functions perfectly when needed. My baby likes to play with it when nursing, he is 2 so he doesn’t have the urge to chew on it so I haven’t had to mess with cleaning it. I don’t wear it around, just when needed, so I’m glad it’s cute and I won’t look ridiculous if I forget to take if off! #teethingnecklace




This product was provided for free or at a discount in exchange and for the sold purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. My thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way. I am not required to leave a positive review on anything, and I am not affiliated with any companies nor am I an Amazon affiliate.