Car Seat Safe Blanket Tutorial

I’m sorry if my photos are rotated wrong I’m having some issues.


I found this car seat blanket tutorial online, and the idea is there, but it isn’t safe to use in a car seat. Her tutorial would be awesome in a swing or stroller! Just not safe in a car seat. I am a proud Child Passenger Safety Technician so I had to make that clear! Now obviously this blanket is still a parental choice, but if used correctly I feel it’s a good option 🙂

I used one yard of hedgehog flannel, one yard of the inner pattern (not sure what to call that?) and I bought the crib size pre-packaged batting because I couldn’t wait in line again for the cutting counter.

I was planning to make a few more of these so I didn’t take many pictures as this was my 1st one, so follow her tutorial until you get to the part where you make the spots for straps if you need lots of pics. I’m still going to type out everything here, but I won’t have as many great pics!

Pre wash your fabrics! One shrunk more than the other in the dryer so I’m glad I did!

First step is to lay out your fabrics with the two face sides of the fabric touching and make sure its all smoothed out, I cut the edge off my longer one to make sure same size. Then fold into quarters. Once it’s all folded I cut along the free edges (do not cut the folded edges!) making the free edge rounded as shown in the picture below.


When unfolded it will look like this (below) keep the prints touching and don’t separate. Take your batting and lay on top of whatever side you want and pin it all together, then trim the batting to match the flannel.


Batting side down, sew along the edges leaving whatever corner you want the hood to be unsewn about 4″ down on each side. Once sewn, reach in the opening and flip the fabrics right side out. Then Sew along the outside again to give it a nice edge 🙂 (please see the other tutorial..I’m not very good at this haha)

Fold the fabric in half lining up the sides of the “hood corner” with the fabric you want on the inside facing out. Sew a line a few inches down as shown where the opening starts. If you feel it’s too far down just make sure you close up any openings left.


Cut right above your sewn line and do a zigzag stitch to reinforce the raw edges. You can then flip it right side out and you have a hood!

Now  here is where I change the tutorial. I laid my blanket out flat and centered my hood, since I use 1 yard of fabric the hood is going to be slightly off center so that you can have one side that tucks in first and a long side to tuck over everything.

So centered below the hood decide where you want your opening. I  laid it in my car seat to eyeball where I would want the hood to be and where the opening should be. For my Cybex Aton 2  I decided opening should be about seven across the top and 12 inches down. I then took my fabric cutter and cut out a  rectangle. You can save your flannel scraps and make that into a burp cloth!


So around the edges of your new rectangle opening with a straight stitch and then go over the raw edges with a zigzag to finish it or if you have a surger this would be a great time to use it!


Once you’re done with your opening for the car seat you’re done!









Abel James is here!!


This is going to be a bit rambly…..

Abel is 5 days old now! I went into labor on my own at 37 weeks just after midnight, and had him via cesarean 5 hours later. I was supposed to have him at a bigger hospital in Seattle but I was not driving 2.5 hours with back labor 😉


My c-section went amazing, but Abel stopped breathing after crying for a few seconds, but since we had an amazing team they got him back quickly although it was the worst 5 minutes of my life. He needed some oxygen support so he spent about 4 hours in the nursery and dad got to check on him frequently. I tried to send him to the nursery with baby but he wouldn’t leave me which I secretly found really sweet.


I missed my kids so much I only stayed at the hospital 36h. They let me go once we had both been monitored the minimum time needed for what we have both been through. I am loving being home but it’s hard to remember I just had surgery and need to rest.


I am bottle feeding for the first time, I suffer from awful postpartum anxiety that goes along the lines of D-Mer, depression, and awful migraine headaches that seem to be hormone related since the scan I had while pregnant showed nothing. My neurologist wants me to have the option for medications that are not healthy for baby. I’m putting my mental and physical health first which is very hard since I battled through it with the past four babies, but honestly PPD really can take you over, and I couldn’t keep up on pills because my anxiety made me think I was hurting my baby with pills. I did BF him a couple times for the medical benefits of colostrum, and I tried pumping but I removed more skin than milk 😭. I struggle with cracking and splitting for a minimum of 4 agonizing weeks and off and on the whole BF relationship so it’s safe to say my nipples are not cut out for it.


Cruz seems to be adjusting well to “my baby Abel”, he loves him so much. He wants to hold him constantly and is trying to say “brother”. We have been having Daddy sleep with him in his room so I can have more room, but hes been sneaking in bed with me as soon as Daddy falls’s funny!

Impossible to get all 6 looking, and smiling haha

I feel incredibly blessed, knowing this is my last newborn is making me savor every late night diaper change and cuddle! I had my tubes tied, so now my husband is talking about adopting a newborn someday… I’ve been asking to adopt for years and now at 6 kids he’s on board? Men..

And here is a real life look at 3 days post c-section, a but different than my usual Tuesday belly pic 😉