Allergy Season is Here! Be Prepared with Scotties Facial Tissues by Royale

This post is sponsored by Scotties Facial Tissues.

Allergy season is upon us! Luckily Scotties sent me an allergy care pack! We are fully stocked on Scotties Facial Tissues by Royal and made a pharmacy run to get all the kids their meds. So far 4 out of 6 kids have seasonal allergies and their prescriptions only do so much. Itchy eyes, runny noses, and sometimes a cough. I was lucky this year and was only miserable for a week, my kids have not been this lucky. Scotties tissues 3-ply or 3-ply with aloe are the best for this time of year, to keep you layered in comfort. If you don’t have time to run to the store you can now get them delivered by Amazon, visit the Scotties section here.

My kids are not letting allergies slow them down! They are out jumping on the trampoline with friends. They take their meds with breakfast and don’t let anything get in the way of having fun! I saw a post Scotties had on Facebook and it’s been so helpful, you take an empty facial tissue box and use a rubber-band to attach it to a full box. That way you can put your used tissue right into the empty box and not have a gross tissue pile that kids tend to leave behind. Genius.

So get out and enjoy the summer! Don’t let allergies keep you indoors! Scotties 3-ply tissue are layers of comfort for your face from runny nose, to watery and itchy eyes.







5 Ideas of Free Things to Do This Summer

  1. #1 is a classic…Go to the park! My kids learned to beg for that as soon as they could talk. It’s now a 15 minute drive for us, but I am going to be using this option a bunch this summer. Kids love basic parks, nothing like a 20 year old swing set to tire them out for a good nights sleep. Hopefully no one puked on the tire swing. If you are lucky, it will have a splash pad! (We are not that lucky close by).
  2. Beach/lake/river/creek. If it’s wet and you can throw rocks at it, kids will have a good time. We like to visit a local park about 30 minutes away that has a small creek perfect for wading. We also drive about 30-40 minutes to the river very frequently for free swimming when this Washington weather allows.
  3. Trails. We live in the mountains so we have many trail options available. Take baby carrier in case you can’t take a stroller to the trail you choose. We love to check out the woods around some waterfalls locally.
  4. Kids programs. We personally love to take advantage of Vacation Bible School (VBS) for something to break the summer up. If you are non religious and in a larger area I bet there is something similar available. Schools sometimes run a day program during the summer.
  5. Set up play-dates. My kids are always begging to go to a friend’s house or to have someone over. If I like the kids I let it happen. Maybe if you get along with their mom, you can split a bottle of wine while they play (or just coffee). Other wise use your free time for doing something for yourself if you are not the hosing home.

Abel is 6 Months Old Already!

My little squishy, my last baby… it’s going so fast! It’s been an unexpected journey so far… We started out on formula and couldn’t get him happy, he had terrible gas pains, he reacted badly to Enfamil so we tried Similac Sensitive. He would only drink 1 ounce every few hours and the doctors were worried, turned out he couldn’t latch the bottles correctly. I switched to Mam Anti colic bottles and they worked great! He was still having tummy trouble with the formula so I decided to breastfeed.. he was 2 weeks old when I did it for the first time and my milk came back fairly easily. I realize I am very lucky. He took to the breast better than he ever did the bottle and started gaining like a champ.

Colic. He was gaining fine but crying like he was in pain almost all day long if not being actively soothed or fed. It was exhausting, we would make appointments to see the pediatrician and he would be mesmerized by the florescent lighting. I would feel so incompetent as a parent explaining how he’s always screaming as he’s being so good, then get home and he’s back to crying.

Finally at 16 weeks I was told to try going dairy free. 3 days later he ended up in the hospital with bronchiolitis (I think that’s the word!) and while in the hospital he was an angel.. the peds doctor that saw him gave me tons of advice on being dairy and soy free. I thought maybe he was being so good was he was too sick, but he was smiling and loving all the nurses. We were released at 17 weeks old and 17lbs due to fluids. The colic never returned!

By 5 months his potty symptoms hadn’t resolved and he was reacting to hidden dairy and soy so I decided to wean him off breastfeeding to formula full time again due to his doctors recommendation . I had no plans to breastfeed but this has been so heartbreaking for me. He was the easiest baby to breastfeed so far even with his latch issues. He just loved it. I got him on Similac Alimentum (so gross, yes I tried it) and he’s doing ok, but he still has the potty symptoms. He doesn’t get the issues from me messing up my diet so that’s the only plus. We will need another appointment to talk about trying the next step of formula.

As for milestones, he learned to roll the week he turned 6months, and now he’s all over! He’s not sitting or trying to crawl yet, but he’s so observant he’s happy to just take things in. I’m not stressing milestones like my older kids.. I’m on Abel time!



How to “Survive” a Hospital Stay with Your Little

I have had 4 out of 6 of these kids in the hospital at some point. Most of them were breathing related (RSV/pneumonia) so I wasn’t prepared, but when number 3 had a bunch of surgeries I knew what to bring!

I’ve never had to stay for more than a week in the hospital with one of my children, and I count myself lucky for that. (And so blessed they came back home with me)..But there are some things I don’t think I could have “survived” without.

1) Cell phone charger. If you’re like me, you like a charged cell phone all the time. And when your little love bug is sleeping and you’re awake stressed out there is only so much day time cable you can handle. Facebook and Amazon shopping to the rescue! Keep an extra charger in your glovebox or purse and only use it for emergencies, or pack one in your bag if it’s a planned stay.

2) Snacks. I like to eat, my kids like to eat (if they are allowed!) Nothing is worse than not wanting to leave the room where your precious child is hurt or sick, but you haven’t eaten since yesterday. I pack a bunch of trail mix if we are having a planned hospital stay. Tastes great and has the stuff to keep you going. Our hospitals provide drinks.

3) A new toy. On our last trip to children’s hospital we had no idea if it was going to be an overnight stay or just a consultation. We decided to stop at the dollar store and pick out a few things for our then 7 year old to keep busy with that didn’t require too much movement or noise 😉

4) Extra clothes. Make sure you have a full change of clothing for you and your SO if applicable. A one night stay can easily turn into a few days and Monday’s yoga pants might not feel so fresh after a couple nights.

5) A book or kindle. Because even the good ol’ internet gets old.

6) Your toothbrush. Yes, most hospitals will gladly give you one..but in the land of $7 might be better safe than sorry if you don’t have amazing coverage. Plus hospital toothpaste is really really gross.

7) Shampoo and a towel. I have made do with what the hospital has so far except for when I’m there having a baby. So if you are picky about what you use in the shower, bring your own!