Abel is 6 Months Old Already!

My little squishy, my last baby… it’s going so fast! It’s been an unexpected journey so far… We started out on formula and couldn’t get him happy, he had terrible gas pains, he reacted badly to Enfamil so we tried Similac Sensitive. He would only drink 1 ounce every few hours and the doctors were worried, turned out he couldn’t latch the bottles correctly. I switched to Mam Anti colic bottles and they worked great! He was still having tummy trouble with the formula so I decided to breastfeed.. he was 2 weeks old when I did it for the first time and my milk came back fairly easily. I realize I am very lucky. He took to the breast better than he ever did the bottle and started gaining like a champ.

Colic. He was gaining fine but crying like he was in pain almost all day long if not being actively soothed or fed. It was exhausting, we would make appointments to see the pediatrician and he would be mesmerized by the florescent lighting. I would feel so incompetent as a parent explaining how he’s always screaming as he’s being so good, then get home and he’s back to crying.

Finally at 16 weeks I was told to try going dairy free. 3 days later he ended up in the hospital with bronchiolitis (I think that’s the word!) and while in the hospital he was an angel.. the peds doctor that saw him gave me tons of advice on being dairy and soy free. I thought maybe he was being so good was he was too sick, but he was smiling and loving all the nurses. We were released at 17 weeks old and 17lbs due to fluids. The colic never returned!

By 5 months his potty symptoms hadn’t resolved and he was reacting to hidden dairy and soy so I decided to wean him off breastfeeding to formula full time again due to his doctors recommendation¬†. I had no plans to breastfeed but this has been so heartbreaking for me. He was the easiest baby to breastfeed so far even with his latch issues. He just loved it. I got him on Similac Alimentum (so gross, yes I tried it) and he’s doing ok, but he still has the potty symptoms. He doesn’t get the issues from me messing up my diet so that’s the only plus. We will need another appointment to talk about trying the next step of formula.

As for milestones, he learned to roll the week he turned 6months, and now he’s all over! He’s not sitting or trying to crawl yet, but he’s so observant he’s happy to just take things in. I’m not stressing milestones like my older kids.. I’m on Abel time!



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