About Me



My name is Stacy, I have 6 kids that I try to make sure I don’t forget anywhere. My youngest was born in the fall of 2016 and my oldest is a teenager!

My Kids:

Sage, 14: Loves video games, and riding his bike. Sage has Autism and goes to speech therapy to help his communication skills. He does not let the diagnosis define him and is a great kid. Technically my step-son but I claim him!

Nevaeh, 11: Wants to be an artist, loves playing outside, tea parties (the real ones), and occasionally reads a book for fun!

Jr., 9: Is the kid who is always cracking jokes, constantly..I get notes home from school about this one! He loves riding his bike off jumps. Minecraft is a huge hobby of his.

Nayeli, 6: This girl is all about tutus, dresses, and being a princess. She also loves playing in the mud. She comes home from preschool with a shoe full of sand almost daily. If she could play dress up all day every day, I think she would!

Cruz, 3: He’s the threenager.. He loves cuddles, cookies, and playing with puppies. He is by far my most “adventurous” child (aka hardest) and there is never a dull moment.

Abel, the baby: Enjoys Milk. What else do you even say? lol