Bring Comfort Home for the Holidays- Scotties Facial Tissue

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Just in time for the holiday season Scotties Tissue has released a new line up of cute boxes sure to blend into your decor or stand alone as decoration! The new 2016 line up has holiday box designs featuring serene snowflakes, picturesque snow-covered villages, and nature scenes with polar bears, birds, trees, and much more! (Polar bear is my personal favorite!) If you would like to enter to win your own holiday Scotties Facial Tissue run on over to their Sweepstakes HERE  before the end of the month!


I love this time of year, getting the house all cozy and festive is so fun. We don’t do real trees anymore as I have a big fear of the creepy crawlies that come home in them, but we do a fake tree and let the kids go to town. This year I have a newborn so my kids did it all by themselves. Nevaeh even decorated the fireplace and the holiday box of Scotties fit right in. Honestly it’s easier this time of year to sit down and enjoy each other! Less outdoor running around, and when there is snow…I am not in the mood to go out and find something to do! Now if I’m feeling stressed out, I can just turn off the lights, turn on the tree, and sit in front of my fire with the baby/kids and just hang out. There is nothing more inviting and cozy to me than a glowing fireplace and the promise of hot cocoa!


If you are traveling during the holidays having a favorite holiday trinket along to decorate a side table could help you feel more at home! Of course bring along a box of Scotties Facial Tissue to avoid needing to use hotel/grandmas single ply toilet paper if the sniffles hit 😉 So far this year we have been pretty lucky in not having any major colds, but we still get quite a bit of use out of our holiday boxes..I’m really loving how these festive boxes can change the look of a counter or bedside table with no extra work from me.


Another thing I love about the holiday season is the giving spirit that comes out! I love the giving trees, and giving my kids change to put in the Salvation Army bucket with the bell ringers singing Jingle Bells. My kids will willingly give their allowance money as we are walking into a store where they were about to buy candy. So then I get all warm and fuzzy and buy them some anyway 🙂

Don’t forget you can run over to Amazon and grab a pack of Scotties that fits your needs with prime! Their store is HERE. Don’t forget to enter their holiday sweepstakes HERE as well.


Post your favorite holiday tradition in the comments below after entering to win!



3 thoughts on “Bring Comfort Home for the Holidays- Scotties Facial Tissue”

  1. My favorite holiday tradition is that we open stockings/Santa and then eat breakfast before opening family presents. And breakfast can be anything! Usually bacon is involved, along with cheese straws and stocking candy.

  2. My fav holiday tradition is taking the kids to see the Christmas light displays in our town. There’s something magicial about the looks on their faces when they see them.

  3. Nancy Slowik says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is finding a new place every year to go look at holiday lights. We live in the Midwest so there’s usually snow covering the trees and ground and the lights make the world look just magical.

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