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MommyCon Vancouver

MommyCon came to Canada! I was so blessed to be able to attend with a media pass. Affiliate links used.

I only live a measly 1-1.5 hours-ish away depending on traffic…but that’s a different story for another post 😉 I hadn’t been to Vancouver in over 15 years so this was a a good excuse to go. The Pinnacle Hotel was very nice and the staff was AMAZING and everyone was so helpful. They were happy to help us find places to eat even though they had a restaurant two feet away from the lobby.

The vendors were spread out in two different rooms, with the MommyCon Shoppe in the lobby between them. They had the fun toys that were previewed on the MommyCon facebook page, and lots of other fun stuff. I bought Abel the teether that looks and smells like an ice-cream cone from SweeTooth Baby Teethers. My kids are all fighting over who gets to sniff it, and Abel only likes the cone end and the kids are trying to make him hold it correctly…it’s pretty entertaining.

The vendors were all great and ready to chat. I FINALLY got to meet Allana who works for Diono, I’ve corresponded with her a few different times being a CPST, so that was great. I networked with a few different great brands and hopefully a few giveaways will be coming up soon. Re-play gave me a replacement valve for a sippy cup I was having issues with, and they gave out samples for posting a selfie with their SnapChat filter. Britax had two little stations up, so I checked out their newest version of the B-ready and it was the same length as my Keenz give or take a few. Nested Designs had a bunch of great products, I bought a sleep sack for Abel, it has openings on the bottom so it will last years longer. I’m going to need 500 more. They also had blankets and sleep suits, it was hard to walk away. I also got some samples of reusable squeeze pouches called the Squeasy that are leak proof, and they are a one way valve so you get every drop! I’ll post a review on those soon.

Grovia came to Vancouver with some exclusive diapers and I was excited to get one, but they sold out in under an hour with a huge line up. Unfortunately I was unable to score one for me and two for a friend like we had planned, so I bought three Grovia O.N.E. diapers because they might actually last baby all night…we will see. Tula had some reps there, and they had a cute new robot blanket. I also got to finally see the ‘Free to grow’ carrier, it came out right when Abel was almost fitting the standard so I decided not to get one. There was a booth with beautiful handwoven baby wraps, made in Canada. West of the 4th Weaving is the brand, if you love handwovens you need to check them out. I also saw Evenflo, a mama who makes finger print jewelry (I need to find my info on her, it was amazing), there was a great cloth diaper booth that showed all the different brands and styles. SO MANY different booths I can’t even list all the awesomeness.

Other than fighting for elevators to get around because we had the Keenz (MommyCon did email that having strollers would make it harder..I was warned) the venue was not too crowded. I’m not sure if it’s because it was in Canada, or if it was because everything was really spread out on different floors. I went to the cloth diaper 101 class with Cotton Babies, that was cool to meet the creator. She had lots of great info and I bet she convinced everyone to cloth. Most of my stash is BumGenius because they work and are super easy to use. I would have done a few more classes, but I was too busy talking to other moms and vendors!

The giveaways at the end are always so fun! They had strollers, car seats, cloth diapers, tula blankets, and more! Brie had so many that were only one number off, I still can’t believe she didn’t win!

After the giveaways were over they gave out all the extra goodie bags…that was a zoo! In my picture below you can see the media gift bag on the left and the regular on the right. This years seemed a lot smaller than last year and I’m thinking that’s because it was in Canada and less things could be brought over. I’m excited for the diaper changer clutch from Diono! Abel got to try Mango baby food for the first time thanks to the goodie bag, and he ate the whole pouch! He’s never done that before 🙂 MommyCon gets an A++ from me and I hope they come to Seattle again, because there are no toll roads for me to get there! I would have taken more pictures, but handling an almost 9 month old baby and a phone that wants to die every hour is hard! HUGE HUGE HUGE shout out to Kate who answered all my emailed questions…I have severe mom brain and may have asked things twice..she didn’t block me! Hope to see you all next year! ITSAMOMLIFE17 will still get you $5 any general admission ticket in 2017 for MommyCon.


Can’t Wait for Mommy-Con Vancouver!

It’s just over a month until it is Mommy-Con time again! This year I have a “new” baby who will be almost 9 months and it will be his first trip to Canada.

Last year I had so much fun and came away with a trunk load of goodies between my friend and I! You can check out my overview of Seattle’s event here.

One of things I’m looking forward to most is finding new things to check out! I’m always looking for something new and exciting for the blog, and to tell my friends about. I also can’t wait to try Abel in ALL THE BABY CARRIERS! (Drool emoji). I just ordered a Keenz 7S stroller wagon and I think it will be great not only for a blog review, but to stash all our stuff at Mommy-Con. There isn’t room to really push a stroller around, but the 7S should be easy for us to spot tucked away in a corner for easy access. (Bring a carrier/sling/wrap…you won’t regret it!)

I’ll be packing in as many classes/sessions as I can, the schedule was just posted here. Last year the social media one was very helpful to me. I also bought a VIP ticket for Friday’s ‘Not your Momma’s Baby Shower’ event, I have  never attended a VIP one before so I am pretty happy.

I will also be posting a give-away for two general admission tickets that can be used at any 2017 Mommy-Con! So make sure you are following my Facebook page!

Grab your ticket now at and use ITSAMOMLIFE17 to save $5 off your general admission ticket, if you happen to win one from my giveaway you can sell the one you bought or bring a friend! The Vancouver discussion page is here. Hope to see you there! Now… what baby carrier to bring?

Leave a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to, or what class/session you would make sure to attend!

Mommy-Con Seattle Overview

Mommy-Con Seattle WA

*amazon affiliate links, no extra cost to you but if any purchases are made it will help this blog grow (as in giveaways!)*


Mommy-Con Seattle was so fun! My friend Mindi went with me and we had way too much fun, and spent way too much on a simple lunch at the Marriott hotel.

IMG_0723We had a lot of fun walking through the vendor booths and we learned quite a lot! One of our favorite booths was the Barrier Blankets from Poppiez Love on Etsy. We ended up circling back quite a few times to rub the soft blankets, it was fun!  Babies’R’Us was there and had an epic drawing for a GB Pockit Stroller, Crane Humidifier, and a few other fun things. I was not lucky enough in that drawing but we both got lucky on a few things! The pockit stroller looks great because it folds to 12″x12″ and would be great for traveling.

imageI was slightly traumatized by the diva cup section, there was a ton of laughter as moms walked by and saw the selection of bags you could purchase for $7.50. P*ssy Plug, Clot Goblet, or Period Bucket. Totally funny, but not really kids appropriate in my opinion so I abstained haha, I don’t need more awkward questions but these are totally on my next white elephant list for Christmas!!!


I went halfsies on a muslin blanket set with my friend. It was the SwaddleDesigns Set of 2 Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Hogs and Kisses! I can’t resist hedgehogs ever since I bought my sons first Gymboree outfit 8 year ago that had one on it! I didn’t need two blankets so luckily she wanted the other one!!


IMG_0731 IMG_0730 IMG_0727 IMG_0732

We both came away with a good amount of loot, and had a much needed moms day out! It was totally worth it, and I even won an additional Crane humidifier 2 weeks ago from a drawing they did after the event! So now the owl is on the way to me as well. I won the BABYBJORN Bouncer in the last drawing of the night, that was epic! They gave away so much cool stuff! One mom won a breastpump just for cheering randomly! It was great! Other prizes were Orbit car seats, Evenflo Breastpumps (totally want one!!), Chicco booster & nextfit, gift sets, and a bunch more great stuff!

After the giveaways they gave out the extra goodie bags, so that was awesome, they loaded  us up with as much as we could carry! I will probably be giving away a Kiinde set soon 😉

IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0746 IMG_0736



Baby Teething Necklace for Mom, Silicone Chew Beads, BPA Free-

This necklace from ItyBity is adorable, and feels durable. It comes in three colors and I recieved the mint/grey combo. The length is perfect to attract your babies attention, but won’t be able to get them tangled in it. The colors look good with many other colors since they are neutral. The breakaway clasp is not so loose that it falls off easy, but it functions perfectly when needed. My baby likes to play with it when nursing, he is 2 so he doesn’t have the urge to chew on it so I haven’t had to mess with cleaning it. I don’t wear it around, just when needed, so I’m glad it’s cute and I won’t look ridiculous if I forget to take if off! #teethingnecklace




This product was provided for free or at a discount in exchange and for the sold purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. My thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way. I am not required to leave a positive review on anything, and I am not affiliated with any companies nor am I an Amazon affiliate.




Mothers on the Move “Mo+m” Designer Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

IMG_0150This is my second Mo+m carrier, I gave the other one to a mama who had her ergo stolen out of her car. WHO THE HECK STEALS FROM A BABY!! But that’s a rant for another day. Hopefully she loves it as much as we did! This one is from the new designer series Mo+m added. I chose this one because it had cute little swirls on the hood and who doesn’t love a cute hood? I made a new video showing off some of the features, I didn’t go over hip carry but I have a pic of that in my old post HERE along with more detail in writing if you don’t feel like watching the video below.

IMG_0167 IMG_0172

IMG_0148 IMG_0146

This product was provided for free or at a discount in exchange and for the sold purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. My thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way. I am not required to leave a positive review on anything, and I am not affiliated with any companies nor am I an Amazon affiliate.

I received this carrier at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Non affiliate links are in the post, I am not receiving any compensation for this post.



Mama & Little Teething/Nursing Necklaces




Cruz is loving these teething necklaces, I have Bubblegum double strand shown left, and a single strand in Lavender right.


My favorite is the single strand one called “lavender” because its easier to hide in my sweater if I want to, and Cruz seems to enjoy the multi surfaces of the silicone beads. Both necklaces have break away clasps, I’ll be honest I wanted to see how safe they were in case Cruz got one when I wasn’t looking. I hooked them on my cabinet handle and leaned away and they came apart pretty quickly, so as long as it wasn’t wrapped around his neck more than once he would be ok..but I am not going to test that theory and I do my best to not get lazy and I keep them up!


Cruz has not tried to teeth on them, but he really enjoys them at nap time, and when nursing. On a couple occasion he has fallen asleep just from playing with the beads when sleepy. They are also great to wear when you are babywearing, something they can play with and not drop!!!

12239623_10207715965037844_3153674613006153576_n 12227217_10207709011544011_5969136670966635702_n

I wish I had these when he was born! We will still get use out of them but these will now be a part of baby gifts because he loves them so much now 🙂




Lenny Lamb SSC Gen1 vs Gen2



I have seen a lot of people on babywearing groups asking if Lenny Lamb carriers for sale on the swaps are gen1 or I thought I would take a few quick pictures with my unwilling toddler to show the difference. I have one toddler in each version. My son is 28lbs, and in 2T shirts and 18m pants most of the time.

Here is the 1st gen laying on top of the 2nd gen, they are the same. The different seat darts on gen two gives a deeper seat but the panels are still the same size. The comfort was the same for me, he did feel a little more snug to my body in the gen1, but both felt great!




Protect Your Babywearing Investment with These! Laundry Bag Set.

I no longer need to go steal a pillowcase from one of the kids’ beds to wash a baby carrier! woohoo!

These laundry bags are PERFECT for protecting your stash in the wash! Right now these are $9.99 on amazon.  The bags have a little elastic piece that you can tuck the end of the zipper in to protect anything else you have in the wash, reduce laundry noise, and make sure the bags stay closed. The two large bags that come with the set are perfect size (19.5″x23.5″) for a woven wrap (the one shown is a Natibaby size 5), and a soft structured carrier like my Tula shown. I don’t dry my SSC so I hang to dry, but I do remove the wrap the dry alone in the dryer for a bit.


The three smaller bags are the perfect size (15.5″x15.5″) to wash your accessories! I am able to wash them separate, but I recommend tossing in a color catcher if your are going to wash more than one set, especially if they haven’t been washed before.



I feel like the black bags are a tiny big softer and smoother so I use those if I only need one bag. Here is my toddler Tula in the large black bag.


The set comes with a small lingerie bag (not shown) that I am saving for that purpose but it would fit a pair of toddler shoes no problem.



Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

I have been using this Mo+m Classic Baby Carrier almost daily. I am very active in the baby wearing “world”, this carrier definitely deserves a look if you are looking into a carrier that is budget friendly and has the mesh option! My son is 20months old now and 26lbs as of his appointment 2 days ago. The seat of this baby carrier is not much larger than his diaper area so he is not knee to knee like it is recommended in children ages 2 and under. This is easily remedied by tying a scarf or large muslin blanket rolled up to support the legs to keep the pressure off their bottom/hips. This carrier is NOT a so called “crotch dangler” it is just not a toddler carrier, but can be used long into toddler-hood as long as you both are comfortable, and use the scarf trick if baby seems uncomfortable or has hip problems.





I find the buckles to be easy to use, the straps are quite cushy and comfortable, if you have the straps or waist wrong your back will let you know after a few minutes, so be willing to do some adjustments before you throw in the towel if you are new to babywearing. The pocket is nice to have to keep my cell phone in. I LOVE that the hood is a soft cotton, it supports my sons head wonderfully while he is asleep or nursing. Nursing is very easy in this carrier, I just loosen the arm straps a bit so I can get into my shirt to give him access. The safety on the waist buckle is a very nice feature to have, my daughter loves to “help me” by unbuckling my waist buckle when I ask my toddler if hes ready to come out, this solves that problem. I am very excited about the mesh option! I love that the zip off panel just folds down into a waist pocket so you cant lose it or leave it at home.

I should have got his knees higher.

I have washed this carrier and it comes out looking brand new! This is great because it is the carrier I keep in my kitchen for when my toddler needs cuddles, but I don’t want to cook in my other carriers. The only thing I would want to change about this carrier is that it had an adjustable seat to make it accommodate a toddler more comfortably, or that they made it in a toddler size separate!  But because I am reviewing this carrier and not doing a comparison of other carriers I am giving this baby carrier 5 out of 5 stars because it is a great budget baby carrier, It’s sturdy, it has a mesh panel, and my son really enjoys it. I did however include a photo to show the size compared to a standard Tula Baby Carrier, the Tula has nice seat darts so the seat actually is bigger than it appears when laid flat.

Hip carry while cooking dinner

Haul’a Baby 4-in-1 Carrier: Wrap, Ring Sling, Postpartum and Maternity Belt


I am saving this wrap for our next baby, being as Cruz is going to be two in a few months I reach for our SSC stash I really like the breathable fabric on this Haul’a Baby wrap. Check out my video review below, it’s Cruz approved!











*I received this product for the sole purpose of providing an honest review, I was not further compensated for my thoughts, they are my own.*