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Zeus & Baylees 1st Snow!

Today we got our first snow of the season in our little town. Of course I had to let the dogs go potty…Zeus was so happy to be out, and then he seemed a little confused. I let him get used to it then I let Baylee and Jemma out. Jemma could have cared less but Baylee went running around like crazy and licking the snow off the outdoor kids toys. It was adorable. They ended up congregating under the large tree..where they promptly found a dead bird to play with…gross.




Zeus Has Parvo :(

My poor puppy has Parvo. Just when he was looking really healthy, he crashed. He got his parvo shot the day after he started feeling sick, unfortunately two weeks ago he was too weak to receive it then. Today to give him his best chance at making it I went to the veterinary blood bank and purchased 1 unit of plasma ($100!), and took him to the vet for the 3rd time in 24 hours.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes but the vet (who is amazing btw) got the needed amount in and we go back tomorrow for more. He’s sleeping in his crate and it’s just killing me how much pain he is in. Zeus is my baby and I hate that it’s not guaranteed he will be ok in the morning.

Adventures in Puppy Wearing!!! Meet Zeus.

This is my newest sweet “baby” Zeus. He is an “American Bully” according to his papers. Poor Zeus had a rough start, he was the runt of the litter, rejected repeatedly by his mother, and picked on endlessly. One of my good friends is a breeder and offered him to me if I was up to give him the TLC he needed and deserved. I of course jumped at the chance. We have two other dogs in the bully family who would love a little “brother”. Zeus was 1/4 size (3lbs) of his littermates and had pneumonia. He hadn’t ate or drank in 3 days..he had given up on life. I took him straight to the vet, he received IV fluids, RX high calorie food, and antibiotics. When we got home he didn’t want to be alone. With 5 kids, 2 other dogs, 2 cats, and a husband to tend to I had to think fast! I grabbed my mamaway ring sling out of the car as soon as DH got home from work. (See my review with a tiny human here). Zeus loved the baby carrier. He takes his naps in there, I can cook dinner with him sleeping under my apron. My local grocery store is doggy friendly so I can grab a loaf of bread with him! It has been over a week and he is making an excellent recovery and him feeling loved has got to be a huge part of this. I chose to wear him in the Mamaway Ring Sling because it’s cotton and his puppy nails wont snag. Pretty soon he will be too big, but the bond we have is unbreakable.