Coolwoo Kids Backpack

Cruz is obsessed with his Coolwoo Kids Backpack. He loves to put his “dog” on and run around the house. The fabric is really cool! It’s made of neoprene like divers wear! Its durable and soft as well as water resistant. It weighs about 7oz and is 12x11x5 inches, so it’s perfect for him to tote his goodies and I can toss his diapers and wipes in there when we go out! They have a very cute line up of friendly looking buddies for your child to chose from.


It has two bottle pockets on the side, a smaller zip pocket on the front, and a smaller pocket that doesn’t close inside. That is where I put his diapers and wipes when I’m feeling organized. The part of the bag that rests on your child’s back is a breathable mesh and so far has not snagged on anything! I’m hoping to add a Tiger to his backpack stash soon!

IMG_4025 IMG_4027



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