Kolcraft Contours VS Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select shown in BLACK, Kolcraft Contours Options shown in RED.



Ok, if your like me…you love to shop around for a good deal!!! My husband wants to go for baby number 5..but I told him that 1st I need a good double stroller! (he doesn’t know about the doubles kit to my Phil & Teds..so don’t tell him.. So off we went to go check out the baby jogger city mini double…I didn’t even bother with pics because its too wide for what I needed.


I have been lusting after my BFF’s BJCS (baby jogger city select) since she got it a while back..so of course I showed it to my husband..he saw the price tag and directed me to the Kolcraft Contours Options Double..He told me to buy it on the spot…haha! We put our 4.5 year old boy & 14 month old girl in it to feel it out. (that will probably be the spacing if we have another..planning WAY ahead!) and my 36lb tiny son was not happy so would not let me take pics, but his feet were to the bottom of the storage basket and his head was way above the back of the seat, but the canopy still closed.  It would be ok if I thought he would never relax/sleep, or I didn’t need to have items under him in the basket. My 14 month old is 19lbs and her head was even with the back of the seat, and her feet were to the foot rest.



The push on the Kolcraft was actually good on the smooth show room floor, even with my kids in it. I tried it with baby farthest away as recommended. I played around and found the seats VERY easy to arrange to my liking. I could do them with out looking and turn them around and switch them! The canopies seemed adequate as well! I saw the original version not the II version. The seats were not as deep as I would like but they would be good up to 2 years old max i would think before you would be needing a new stroller. If your having twins (you would need to buy a second car seat adapter..it comes with one!) it would be a good option. it is a 3 piece fold but I am used to that from my Icandy pear that I just sold(I will post that review). Also the fold was easy. It will take up most of your cargo space if you have a van..and it might not fit in the smaller cargo areas of a Honda pilot, or my expedition if you have the third row up.


I ended up buying a BJCS 2-3x but every time an unexpected bill popped up, we needed to sell it. So right now I only have a Phil & Teds Navigator 2 as a double. Hopefully I can have a cool stroller that has face to face options (for 2) again someday. I babysit three kids 2 and under on different days so it would be a lifesaver! Oh, and yes, we did have baby number 5 🙂