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Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks & Corner Protectors, No Tools Needed- Kiddos Plus

This set comes with enough parts to do 4 cabinet doors or drawers, and one coffee table or 4 corners on a counter. It comes with instructions that I had to read a couple times to fully understand what was going on. I didn’t have a pencil handy to draw marks like they said to do so I had to do it by trial and error and lots of eyeballing! I had it all on perfect, but unfortunately these do not work on a lazy-susan corner cabinet so one set I had to take off because of the way it closed. This set doesn’t come with and extra adhesive so I would suggest having some double sided permanent tape in case you need to adjust one. My husband didn’t like that I put these on my under the sink cabinet, so luckily these have a switch you click up or down and it doesn’t latch anymore. (He preferred the over the knob lock.) I am glad it comes with a magnetized disk to store the “key” up away from kids, I should have put mine further back since my kids already found it, but I ran out of extra adhesive so I can’t move it right now. The corner guards looks great, but right now my little guy is not tall enough to need them, so I am saving them for once he starts hitting his head on stuff! Overall I like the set, but if you have a large kitchen or lots of cabinets don’t forget to order extra packs! #KiddosPlusSafetyLocks






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