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Abel James is here!!


This is going to be a bit rambly…..

Abel is 5 days old now! I went into labor on my own at 37 weeks just after midnight, and had him via cesarean 5 hours later. I was supposed to have him at a bigger hospital in Seattle but I was not driving 2.5 hours with back labor 😉


My c-section went amazing, but Abel stopped breathing after crying for a few seconds, but since we had an amazing team they got him back quickly although it was the worst 5 minutes of my life. He needed some oxygen support so he spent about 4 hours in the nursery and dad got to check on him frequently. I tried to send him to the nursery with baby but he wouldn’t leave me which I secretly found really sweet.


I missed my kids so much I only stayed at the hospital 36h. They let me go once we had both been monitored the minimum time needed for what we have both been through. I am loving being home but it’s hard to remember I just had surgery and need to rest.


I am bottle feeding for the first time, I suffer from awful postpartum anxiety that goes along the lines of D-Mer, depression, and awful migraine headaches that seem to be hormone related since the scan I had while pregnant showed nothing. My neurologist wants me to have the option for medications that are not healthy for baby. I’m putting my mental and physical health first which is very hard since I battled through it with the past four babies, but honestly PPD really can take you over, and I couldn’t keep up on pills because my anxiety made me think I was hurting my baby with pills. I did BF him a couple times for the medical benefits of colostrum, and I tried pumping but I removed more skin than milk 😭. I struggle with cracking and splitting for a minimum of 4 agonizing weeks and off and on the whole BF relationship so it’s safe to say my nipples are not cut out for it.


Cruz seems to be adjusting well to “my baby Abel”, he loves him so much. He wants to hold him constantly and is trying to say “brother”. We have been having Daddy sleep with him in his room so I can have more room, but hes been sneaking in bed with me as soon as Daddy falls asleep..it’s funny!

Impossible to get all 6 looking, and smiling haha

I feel incredibly blessed, knowing this is my last newborn is making me savor every late night diaper change and cuddle! I had my tubes tied, so now my husband is talking about adopting a newborn someday… I’ve been asking to adopt for years and now at 6 kids he’s on board? Men..

And here is a real life look at 3 days post c-section, a but different than my usual Tuesday belly pic 😉



Version 2 of the Snug Cam Baby Wifi Monitor Has Landed!

I received this product for the sole purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own and were not compensated! Blog post includes affiliate links, there is no cost for you, but any purchase helps this blog grow!

The Snug Baby Monitor v2 – WiFi Video Camera with Audio for iPhone/Samsung has landed here in the Castro house! I am excited because now I can have two rooms monitored in one single app! I was finally able to kick the handheld monitor to the curb! Now V1 of the monitor was great, but V2 has a crisper image that stays on the color setting longer. I love the wide angle of picture and everything about it! My favorite feature is probably the talk back feature so I can tell my kid to be good or lay down 😉 Ok I’ll be honest it gets used the most to yell upstairs that dinner is ready. Also, this is password protected!




Spray Pal for Cloth Diapers- Review

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Life. Changing. I am so glad I decided to grab Spray Pal – Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield off Amazon! I no longer dread the toddler poo diapers. Plus, I am able to get them so much cleaner so there is way less smell happening! The Spray Pal is also good for those pee diapers! I like to rinse all my diapers off before tossing in the pail if I have time.

The Spray Pal folds flat for storage. You can purchase it in a combo kit if you want a wet bag that fits perfectly. Or you can toss it in a large one if you already own one! My wet bag is large enough I can fit my dirty diapers on the bottom of the bag and just set this on top of them. Just give it a good rinse if needed first. If you don’t already have a diaper sprayer or are new to cloth diapering they have a kit that includes a diaper sprayer as well.


Now, the Spray Pal is great! But for me it had a bit of a learning curve to completely contain the splatter. My diaper sprayer is actually a home-made set up with a bidet handle, and it can be hard to ease into a full spray gently. The first couple times I got excited and got a speck of poo on my wall, but I quickly figured out proper angles for spraying and it has been easy-going since!

Love the illustrations!

My toilet is funky shaped and shallow so I use it with the lid down, and wedge the Spray Pal into the seat for a secure fit. If I am doing more than one diaper I have not needed to remove the Spray Pal to put a new diaper in, I simply remove the first diaper and wring it out (I’m too lazy to use the flatten and squeeze feature if more than one diaper), toss it in the wet bag and stick a new diaper under the clip. But you can totally follow the directions and keep your hands clean! After 5 kids I have personally given up most of the time 🙂 I love anti-bacterial soap!  ***ETA: I started doing my diapers individually as needed, and I’m loving the squeeze feature to wring the diapers out!! My hands don’t get wet at all! Of course I still wash 😉


I really don’t know what I would do with out this..I probably wouldn’t happily stocking up on fluff for baby boy due in 3 months! This gets 5 stars from me! It’s durable, easy to use, and easy to store! This post was not sponsored by Spray-Pal, but stay tuned for a sponsored give-away!


NOT MY VIDEO! But here is the video that convinced me I needed one!! I was going to make one, but figured my kid would end up dropping the phone into the toilet with my luck 😉

Spraying Diapers

This post is about my experience so far with diaper sprayers and accessories! This post is not sponsored however: This post contains affiliate links to amazons websites. The cost is the same for you, but any purchase made can help this blog grow!

I ordered my first Spray Pal to help with toddler cloth diapers. I am only cloth diapering part time, but the poo is still not fun ;). I originally had a Diaper Dawgs spray shield and it was okay, but I had to hold it in place with my SmarterFresh sprayer & it didn’t fit my bumGenius handle that I also have to switch out to if needed. All the stock photos show it on a BG sprayer so maybe I’m just being too nice to it? Between the two handles I think I like the SmarterFresh one better (I ended up just buying the handle and using shower head tubing and the bumGenius t-valve) as it’s easier to hold. I bought my BG set used and the t-valve had a crack but my husband was able to get it working, but the tubing was awful! If I could do it again I would buy the entire SmarterFresh set linked above.



I only have enough cloth diapers to do a few days a week. I’m planning to bulk up my stash with Alva Baby cloth diapers because they have great reviews on the mommy boards, and they are inexpensive. I wish I could afford all the cute WAHM diapers I see, but right now even Alva Baby diapers are a reach!

image image

I will report back on what I end up liking more between the Diaper Dawgs shield and the Spray Pal, and maybe even try them together! I just need to figure out how to make it more secure on my sprayers! Time to go rough it up 😉


This post contains affiliate links to amazons websites. The cost is the same for you, but any purchase made can help this blog grow!



Getting Ready for Baby Post #1

I know I have 6 months until I pop since I am only 12 weeks, but when you are on a budget you need to space purchases out! Today Peggy (my amazing UPS driver) pulled up in her magical brown truck and brought me three packages! Today brought me: a Munchkin Step diaper pail compliments from the Baby Guy NYC and one of his giveaways on FB!, a Badger Basket three drawer organizer that I scored on sale, & a Muslin car seat canopy that I received at a discount in exchange for my review. A blog post was not required for any of these items but I am just having fun!

**I added affiliate links at the very bottom of the post if you want to check these items out! The cost is the same for you, but any purchase helps this blog grow!**

First I decided to open the Muchkin Step (search the hashtag #diaperstank on Facebook for Jamie’s really funny post on it). The box was not frustration free packaging haha! I had to rip it open and use scissors that happened to be my 5-year-olds safety scissors, so that was fun. Luckily it came assembled! All I had to do was snap the baking soda pod in, and the bags were already installed! I am planning to use it with my cloth diapers since I found a seller on Etsy who makes diaper pail reusable liners for both Munchkin & my other Diaper Genie, so I am very excited to order those in the upcoming months. For now I will put his disposables in the Munchkin. All the parts are easy to use so far. The only thing is you use your foot to open the lid with the step, but you need to use your hand to close the lid. So hopefully you don’t have any of that “stank” on your hand 😉

IMG_1051 IMG_1052 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1056 IMG_1057

The second thing I decided to open was the Badger Basket organizer. My 5-year-old Nayeli decided she needed to help me so I had her hold the sides up for me so I could insert the screws. From start to finish it took less than 10 minutes so that was awesome. The drawers are already fully assembled, so all you have to do is screw in three separate boards. The only thing that confused me for all of 3 seconds was the diagram showed the back support board as being flat, but really it needs to go the other way. The front board I put on flat like the diagram, but I think it would have been fine either way. You would have to buy one to see what I am talking about haha.

IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1064 IMG_1066 IMG_1067

The last item of the night was just opening the muslin car seat canopy to check it out. Nayeli said it needed to go in the drawer so I let her put it in there! It even came with a free washcloth and a discount code for 10% off my next purchase from their website. I haven’t washed it or tried it on the car-seat yet, but I will review it fully on amazon when I’m done checking it out!

IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1070 IMG_1071 IMG_1072

Nayeli and I had fun checking out all the new baby gear of the day!


I’ll Take a Decaf Latte Please

We had an unexpected surprise a couple of weeks ago, a positive pregnancy test! We were hoping for one more baby but had plans, and when you have plans the opposite usually happens right? I’m due early November, this will make our 5th winter baby. We only have one summer kiddo and I was really trying to space the last one out! We have: August, November, December, and 2 January’s already. That makes Christmas a challenge, and no one comes to winter parties because of the holidays, so I’m hoping this one shows up in October! October 30 sounds like a good day for a baby lol.

At least it was a pleasant surprise, and things are falling together! First appointment next week!


Land of the Wee, Deer Family Collection, Organic Bamboo Baby to Toddler Hooded Towel & Washcloth Gift Set

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Amazing, seriously this Organic Bamboo Baby to Toddler Hooded Towel & Washcloth Gift Set is so worth it! The pattern is adorable, the attention to detail is apparent. The box it comes in is perfect for gift giving. I ended up giving it to my son for his birthday so he could have something extra to open at his party. Everyone loved it and it was passed around to be cuddled with because it was so soft! I followed the instructions and washed it before use, and it got even softer! The wash cloth  is huge and it has the fold over like the hood so my son ended up wearing it on his head in the tub. The towel quickly became his favorite and he gets it out every time he takes a bath. My only complaint is that the pattern on the hood is upside down when worn, but honestly that’s trivial and does not take away from the amazing-ness of this set. The towel is huge and perfect for my 2-year-old toddler, and would have also been amazing when he was a newborn because of the softness. I will be buying these as gifts in the future, everyone should have this huge fluffy toddler/baby towel for their little one.

20160219_143639 20160219_143703

20160221_101442 20160221_101310

He loves it so much he wore it over his jammies for about an hour!

I received this set at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No compensation was received for this post.

Mothers on the Move “Mo+m” Designer Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

IMG_0150This is my second Mo+m carrier, I gave the other one to a mama who had her ergo stolen out of her car. WHO THE HECK STEALS FROM A BABY!! But that’s a rant for another day. Hopefully she loves it as much as we did! This one is from the new designer series Mo+m added. I chose this one because it had cute little swirls on the hood and who doesn’t love a cute hood? I made a new video showing off some of the features, I didn’t go over hip carry but I have a pic of that in my old post HERE along with more detail in writing if you don’t feel like watching the video below.

IMG_0167 IMG_0172

IMG_0148 IMG_0146

This product was provided for free or at a discount in exchange and for the sold purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. My thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way. I am not required to leave a positive review on anything, and I am not affiliated with any companies nor am I an Amazon affiliate.

I received this carrier at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Non affiliate links are in the post, I am not receiving any compensation for this post.



Dot&Dot Stroller Organizer and Hooks




IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4650


I love this stroller organizer so much! The clips to attach it to the stroller make a world of difference as far as security goes! The stroller clips work amazing as well, I can load up my huge diaper bag on one, and my shopping bags on the other! The magnets that hold the top compartment closed actually work unlike some other brands I own. The organizer comes with an extra strap made of webbing and clips so you can attach it to a walker, wheelchair, or even your car’s seat back for extra storage. I really love that I can close my stroller with this attached and because it’s held on by clips it wont fall off while I am opening and closing my stroller.



Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

I have been using this Mo+m Classic Baby Carrier almost daily. I am very active in the baby wearing “world”, this carrier definitely deserves a look if you are looking into a carrier that is budget friendly and has the mesh option! My son is 20months old now and 26lbs as of his appointment 2 days ago. The seat of this baby carrier is not much larger than his diaper area so he is not knee to knee like it is recommended in children ages 2 and under. This is easily remedied by tying a scarf or large muslin blanket rolled up to support the legs to keep the pressure off their bottom/hips. This carrier is NOT a so called “crotch dangler” it is just not a toddler carrier, but can be used long into toddler-hood as long as you both are comfortable, and use the scarf trick if baby seems uncomfortable or has hip problems.





I find the buckles to be easy to use, the straps are quite cushy and comfortable, if you have the straps or waist wrong your back will let you know after a few minutes, so be willing to do some adjustments before you throw in the towel if you are new to babywearing. The pocket is nice to have to keep my cell phone in. I LOVE that the hood is a soft cotton, it supports my sons head wonderfully while he is asleep or nursing. Nursing is very easy in this carrier, I just loosen the arm straps a bit so I can get into my shirt to give him access. The safety on the waist buckle is a very nice feature to have, my daughter loves to “help me” by unbuckling my waist buckle when I ask my toddler if hes ready to come out, this solves that problem. I am very excited about the mesh option! I love that the zip off panel just folds down into a waist pocket so you cant lose it or leave it at home.

I should have got his knees higher.

I have washed this carrier and it comes out looking brand new! This is great because it is the carrier I keep in my kitchen for when my toddler needs cuddles, but I don’t want to cook in my other carriers. The only thing I would want to change about this carrier is that it had an adjustable seat to make it accommodate a toddler more comfortably, or that they made it in a toddler size separate!  But because I am reviewing this carrier and not doing a comparison of other carriers I am giving this baby carrier 5 out of 5 stars because it is a great budget baby carrier, It’s sturdy, it has a mesh panel, and my son really enjoys it. I did however include a photo to show the size compared to a standard Tula Baby Carrier, the Tula has nice seat darts so the seat actually is bigger than it appears when laid flat.

Hip carry while cooking dinner