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5 Ideas of Free Things to Do This Summer

  1. #1 is a classic…Go to the park! My kids learned to beg for that as soon as they could talk. It’s now a 15 minute drive for us, but I am going to be using this option a bunch this summer. Kids love basic parks, nothing like a 20 year old swing set to tire them out for a good nights sleep. Hopefully no one puked on the tire swing. If you are lucky, it will have a splash pad! (We are not that lucky close by).
  2. Beach/lake/river/creek. If it’s wet and you can throw rocks at it, kids will have a good time. We like to visit a local park about 30 minutes away that has a small creek perfect for wading. We also drive about 30-40 minutes to the river very frequently for free swimming when this Washington weather allows.
  3. Trails. We live in the mountains so we have many trail options available. Take baby carrier in case you can’t take a stroller to the trail you choose. We love to check out the woods around some waterfalls locally.
  4. Kids programs. We personally love to take advantage of Vacation Bible School (VBS) for something to break the summer up. If you are non religious and in a larger area I bet there is something similar available. Schools sometimes run a day program during the summer.
  5. Set up play-dates. My kids are always begging to go to a friend’s house or to have someone over. If I like the kids I let it happen. Maybe if you get along with their mom, you can split a bottle of wine while they play (or just coffee). Other wise use your free time for doing something for yourself if you are not the hosing home.

Happy 2nd Birthday Cruz!!

Cruz turned 2 in January, but we finally got around to his party. I thought I would share some pictures of his special day!

20160220_094324 20160220_094828

Before the party he insisted on his superman cape and Santa hat, luckily I was able to lure him into a different outfit with a bath!

We had a Micky Mouse party, he is Micky obsessed right now. He is my first child to love Micky Mouse so I haven’t gone too insane yet from the theme song.



His smash cake was delicious, I never eat cake unless it is really good, so I was glad he let me eat a corner of it! I was told his regular cake was really great too, but his smash cake had whipped cream frosting and that’s where it’s at for me haha. He had a great day even though only one family with kids came, that’s when us already having 5 kids in the family is really handy!


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