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5 Ideas of Free Things to Do This Summer

  1. #1 is a classic…Go to the park! My kids learned to beg for that as soon as they could talk. It’s now a 15 minute drive for us, but I am going to be using this option a bunch this summer. Kids love basic parks, nothing like a 20 year old swing set to tire them out for a good nights sleep. Hopefully no one puked on the tire swing. If you are lucky, it will have a splash pad! (We are not that lucky close by).
  2. Beach/lake/river/creek. If it’s wet and you can throw rocks at it, kids will have a good time. We like to visit a local park about 30 minutes away that has a small creek perfect for wading. We also drive about 30-40 minutes to the river very frequently for free swimming when this Washington weather allows.
  3. Trails. We live in the mountains so we have many trail options available. Take baby carrier in case you can’t take a stroller to the trail you choose. We love to check out the woods around some waterfalls locally.
  4. Kids programs. We personally love to take advantage of Vacation Bible School (VBS) for something to break the summer up. If you are non religious and in a larger area I bet there is something similar available. Schools sometimes run a day program during the summer.
  5. Set up play-dates. My kids are always begging to go to a friend’s house or to have someone over. If I like the kids I let it happen. Maybe if you get along with their mom, you can split a bottle of wine while they play (or just coffee). Other wise use your free time for doing something for yourself if you are not the hosing home.

Soda Cake!


I was browsing Facebook the other day and came across a meme with thousands of comments. It was saying you can make a cake with just a boxed cake mix, and a can of soda. So me being in an extremely lazy mood, and a couple kids who had just asked me to make a cake, but I used the “no eggs” excuse….I decided to check it out! Acording to the comments I looked over you could just grab a cake mix, stir in a can of soda, and bake at 350 degrees F, for 35 minutes. I also tried

My first try:

20150902_182535 - Copy

Pink Velvet Vanilla boxed cake mix, and a Fresca Peach Citrus soda.

20150902_182637 20150902_182731 - Copy

When you pour it together it is fizzy. Really fun for the kids!

20150902_182910 - Copy

Preheated the Oven to 350*F, I coat the 9×13 pan with my coconut oil Pam because I like an easy clean up.

20150902_183634 20150902_183326

Pour it into the 9×13 and pop it in the preheated oven!

20150902_183036 20150902_183240 - Copy

Finally! Cake batter you can let your kids lick w/out worrying about the horrible death your mom and home economics teacher warned you about.

20150902_191327 - Copy

35 minutes was perfect!! The consistency of this combo was in between regular cake and angel food cake. The kids loved it! It was moist enough no frosting was needed, I didn’t have time anyway it was gone in 30 minutes. The flavor was like pink lemon-aid to me, with peachy undertones.



Also works with Gluten Free Cake mix! It just comes out more like a biscuit in texture, it was yummy!