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Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon- You need one!

    Wagon was purchased by me! Affiliate links included in this post.

If you haven’t heard of the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon yet, you’re about to! This is a full size double stroller with the practicality of a wagon. Currently it comes in three great colors: Grey/black, purple/navy, or green/tan. Some of my favorite features are: two harnesses to keep kids safe, a removable canopy with roll down privacy shades, cargo basket with shoe storage, parent organizer, push and pull handles, and an easy fold! Optional accessories include: Rain Cover, color coordinating Cooler Bag that fits the cargo storage perfectly, Cup Holder, mosquito net, beach wheels (roll over sand effortlessly), wind cover, and hopefully the cool seat padding set that is only available in Korea will be here soon! For a limited time if you order from keenz.us the cooler and cup holder are free with the wagon, but delivery time on average is 5-6 business days. Amazon prime is something to consider if you need it fast!

The assembly was easy other than a stumble over the part where the manual shows you to put the rear axle on backwards, once it was all put together I realized it wasn’t working right and flipped it. I was told they are re-doing the manual. I made a video time-lapse of the assembly HERE, a video of the fold HERE, and a fun trailer of clips of the videos HERE where you can see my daughter pushing it through the mall easily with my husband assisting at steering.

The best part about the Keenz is that it pushes amazing! I am somewhat of a stroller snob and this meets my expectations. If I had to compare it to a stroller I’d say its one step above a city select double. I can get up curbs easily, I prefer to walk to the front and lift that handle to pop it up the curb and then go back to the rear and lift that end, I don’t want to jolt the baby since he’s only 8 months. (Recommended age is 12 months to 5 years of age, the wagon can hold 110 lbs total). We took it to our local community days at a park, and it rolls effortlessly over grass. My husband offered to push for a while and I declined because I wasn’t strained at all! I rolled the privacy shades down, and unzipped a portion of the canopy for air flow so my son could sleep. People left and right were asking me where I got my wagon, and I loved showing off the great features. My baby looked like a real VIP during his nap. I would never leave my child unattended as the harness not being used could be a strangulation hazard. I would love to see a panel that zipped over them when not in use in the future.

Let’s talk fold! If I take the large wheels off I can stow it behind my third row if I have a kid back there hold it secure for opening and closing the hatch. If the kids are not with me I can leave the wheels on and slide in with one seat stowed. You do have to remove the canopy for folding, but the canopy supports screw down into the frame, that’s one of my favorite features! Plus the canopy storage bag has snaps so you can attach it to your handle. Full fold video is down below.

Accessorizing! I added a Dot & Dot parent console (review) to the push handle bar, a Bag Nation backpack diaper bag (review) to the pull handle. The Keenz manual says not to hang things from the handle and that the cargo basket can hold 10 lbs, so I use the attached stroller clips on the backpack to keep the bag attached, and it’s the perfect length to have the weight on the basket. Win win! The reason I love this bag so much is because the wipes case is easy access and since the wagon is easily wipe-able, it’s a match made in heaven. The cooler still fits in the cargo area as well. If you choose to use shopping hooks the Dot & Dot console linked above comes with some as well. For extra storage I added the Skip Hop Grab and Go Saddle Bag its perfect for their extras! I have a Brica Deluxe Snack Pod (not pictured) that I can attach as well in the inside that fits a sippy and snack cup, or two sippys/bottles. You just pressure mount it over the covered hinge part. I ordered a rechargeable fan for hot days, and tablet mount (not pictured) for my toddler if I ever need to contain him somewhere he can’t play. The fan is still in transit, but the mount so far has held up to my 3 year old’s use on his crib. (Yes he’s in a crib right now while family is staying in his room..he gets tablet time when I need sleep lol).

Skip Hop Saddle Bag


Another thing worth mentioning is that this is certified as a stroller. Keenz is working to make sure you are not denied entry into Disney because of their “no wagon” rule. Also this Stroller wagon is JPMA certified. More that on that HERE from Keenz.

It feels great to have found something perfect for football practice/games, trips to the beach, farmers market, everything! I have an umbrella stroller, and jogger, so I am completely set! Plus, I don’t feel weird if my 3 year old wants to walk, this is perfect for one or two kids. I’ve even seen moms with picture of three kiddos comfortable in this.



Elastic topped pocket inside cargo basket^


Shoe storage, mesh bottom so dirt/sand can fall out ^


Cooler in cargo basket ^


Cargo basket stored ^


Sample can of baby formula to show size, very roomy cooler^


close up of cargo basket


Folding is actually even faster if I’m not doing it so you can see how!


I loved this stroller wagon so much, find my fan group on facebook! Keenz Queenz, there just might be a giveaway happening. Lots of hacks to make the Keenz even cooler!





Phil&Teds Dot (2015)

This post includes amazon affiliate links, the cost is the same for you but it helps this blog grow. Thank you! This post is not sponsored by Phil & Teds, Skip Hop, or Choopie, I am just passionate about what I love!


I have been a fan of the Phil&Teds brand since I first saw one roll into my check out line when I was a cashier at Target back in 2006. I loved how they had the younger baby sleeping in the newborn position with the toddler on top in the doubles kit…no strangers could easily get at the baby! The next time I saw one it was being used in normal two toddler mode with the doubles kit on the back, blown away again!  The tiny footprint just can’t be beat if you like the three wheel stroller look.


Since that time I have owned quite a few of the models and loved different things about each one, but because I am a churner nothing has lasted that long as I need to sell my current ride to try a new one. Well now that it’s been over 10 years of loving Phil&Teds I find myself here again, with a new stroller in my living room. I just had the Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller with Doubles Kit in grey and I LOVED it, but with my luck the break line snapped the third time I took it out of my car so I returned it because even though P&T has AMAZING customer service (Shout out to Megan!) I was having some trouble with the doubles kit attachment and thought the Phil&Teds 2015 Dot Inline Stroller with Second Seat, Graphite might be a better fit, only because it has never flat tires.


The Phil&Teds Dot is adorable, it comes standard with padded grey seat liners. My kids are cray cray so I added some cheap $5 liners I got from eBay in China that I altered slightly with scissors to make the harness lay better. These liners are usually $5 with shipping or less, so I really don’t have much to lose if my kids shred them. Here is one listing for them that is currently live.


I was between the Dot and the Dash, the Dash looks amazing, you can fold it with two seats on it, you can attach the second seat parent facing on the frame with the main seat off…really it seems really cool, but I felt the lower price of the Dot was better for me since we really don’t use the stroller often.


My current two riders are 5 and about 40lbs, and 2 and 38lbs (he is 35 1/8″ tall). My 5 year old loves the top seat and promptly asked to go on a walk, and my 2 year old seems pretty excited about the lower seat, I think he remembers the Nav because he jumped right in. When using the stroller as a double, the basket space is pretty much unusable, so I grabbed a Skip Hop Saddle bag and its Perfect! I have all the accessories for the stroller in there, and I have room for whatever else I could need. It also appears to be insulated!

I also made sure to get my Choopie city grips on the handle bar to keep it safe and clean, and the  choopie hooks to carry my shopping bags! I have their seat liner and parent console, but I am using those elsewhere. I will update my post after I get some really good use out of it! But for now, I am very excited!


Angel Baby Stroller Organizer/Diaper Bag




This stroller organizer feels like it was made for my stroller Phil&Teds Navigator v2,  it fits perfectly between the handle bar padding and the frame, while not impeding the ‘auto-stop’ break system. The attachment straps are longer so it attaches securely with hook and loop and actually doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off.


The wipes dispenser is pretty great to always have wipes right at your fingertips, my full wipes pack fits perfectly. This organizer also has two storage areas on the back, no wasted space! It has a mesh pocket just like the front, and a zippered pocket the same size as the wipes dispenser. So if you didn’t mind the top flap being backwards (it closes with hook and loop) you could put the organizer on that way if you were not needed full access to the wipes, and would get more use out of the zipper pocket.


The two cup-holder are insulated and hold a coffee cup, or bottle securely. The top compartment holds my wallet with room to spare, the flap that covers it closes with hook and loop like I said before. This organizer comes with a shoulder strap that is removable, I don’t see myself needing this feature but I keep it in that back zippered pocket to keep it safe. I received this product free for the sole purpose of using it and providing my honest and unbiased feedback, all thought are 100% my own and were not compensated or influenced in anyway.

Clip Attachment For Shoulder Strap
Top View


Back Side Storage

This product was provided for free or at a discount in exchange and for the sold purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. My thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way. I am not required to leave a positive review on anything, and I am not affiliated with any companies nor am I an Amazon affiliate.


Dot&Dot Stroller Organizer and Hooks




IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4650


I love this stroller organizer so much! The clips to attach it to the stroller make a world of difference as far as security goes! The stroller clips work amazing as well, I can load up my huge diaper bag on one, and my shopping bags on the other! The magnets that hold the top compartment closed actually work unlike some other brands I own. The organizer comes with an extra strap made of webbing and clips so you can attach it to a walker, wheelchair, or even your car’s seat back for extra storage. I really love that I can close my stroller with this attached and because it’s held on by clips it wont fall off while I am opening and closing my stroller.



Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack


this post contains affiliate links

This Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is great! There are the perfect amount of pockets so you can organize everything but not be overwhelmed. There is a great wipes side pocket with access window, and the opposite side has an insulated bottle pocket! The lining on the inside is a great neutral blue color so nothing will get lost in a huge black hole like those other bags! Comes with a changing pad, I forgot to touch on that in my video, but there is a slot for it in the main compartment of the bag. Check out my video and let me know what you think of the bag, I have a cold and I am super congested I hope it is not too noticeable! This is real life so I didn’t wait to do the video 🙂

Bag Nation will be sponsoring a giveaway for one of these bags in the near future for my viewers! I received this bag at a discount for my review but someone will get one FREE!!



Changing Pad Cover, Soft Jersey Cotton – 2 Pack, Grey Chevron & Polka Dot by Ziggy Baby


These Ziggy Baby changing pad covers are so soft! I just ordered the matching crib sheets as well! They fit perfect on my large contoured change pad. There is no slot for the safety straps but that is not a problem the straps just go around. These covers also make a perfect bassinet sheet! I put one on my Bugaboo Cameleons bassinet and it works pretty much perfect. My son is a toddler so diaper changes are not messy so I haven’t needed to wash them yet, but I think they will just keep getting softer! Check them out on Amazon! They would be a great baby shower gift.


Bugaboo Cameleon2 Bassinet Mattress






Kolcraft Contours VS Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select shown in BLACK, Kolcraft Contours Options shown in RED.



Ok, if your like me…you love to shop around for a good deal!!! My husband wants to go for baby number 5..but I told him that 1st I need a good double stroller! (he doesn’t know about the doubles kit to my Phil & Teds..so don’t tell him.. So off we went to go check out the baby jogger city mini double…I didn’t even bother with pics because its too wide for what I needed.


I have been lusting after my BFF’s BJCS (baby jogger city select) since she got it a while back..so of course I showed it to my husband..he saw the price tag and directed me to the Kolcraft Contours Options Double..He told me to buy it on the spot…haha! We put our 4.5 year old boy & 14 month old girl in it to feel it out. (that will probably be the spacing if we have another..planning WAY ahead!) and my 36lb tiny son was not happy so would not let me take pics, but his feet were to the bottom of the storage basket and his head was way above the back of the seat, but the canopy still closed.  It would be ok if I thought he would never relax/sleep, or I didn’t need to have items under him in the basket. My 14 month old is 19lbs and her head was even with the back of the seat, and her feet were to the foot rest.



The push on the Kolcraft was actually good on the smooth show room floor, even with my kids in it. I tried it with baby farthest away as recommended. I played around and found the seats VERY easy to arrange to my liking. I could do them with out looking and turn them around and switch them! The canopies seemed adequate as well! I saw the original version not the II version. The seats were not as deep as I would like but they would be good up to 2 years old max i would think before you would be needing a new stroller. If your having twins (you would need to buy a second car seat adapter..it comes with one!) it would be a good option. it is a 3 piece fold but I am used to that from my Icandy pear that I just sold(I will post that review). Also the fold was easy. It will take up most of your cargo space if you have a van..and it might not fit in the smaller cargo areas of a Honda pilot, or my expedition if you have the third row up.


I ended up buying a BJCS 2-3x but every time an unexpected bill popped up, we needed to sell it. So right now I only have a Phil & Teds Navigator 2 as a double. Hopefully I can have a cool stroller that has face to face options (for 2) again someday. I babysit three kids 2 and under on different days so it would be a lifesaver! Oh, and yes, we did have baby number 5 🙂